The Work Group for A Supportive Community For All continues to make progress on plans to increase access to human services in the Snoqualmie Valley. At our November 4th meeting, members engaged in the feedback received from community partners and Friends of a SCFA while also bringing to the table their own ideas based on best practices and experiences as both users and providers of human services in the Valley.

Some key themes that came from this conversation include: the introduction of a software solution to connect providers to referrals between agencies, training of existing communities (such as local librarians) to act as human services navigators, the hope for a local multi-service center location, the need for a point person with a clear marketing perspective, and the development of a collaborative of agencies in the Valley.

These solutions continue to be refined in ongoing conversations with local stakeholders, as well as informed by the announcement that a SCFA has the opportunity to apply for a funding extension from King County. Our hope is this funding will allow for a strong start to implement the solutions developed by the community and provide a foundation for ongoing success.

If you would like to provide input, please make time to attend the monthly Friends of a SCFA meeting held on the third Thursday of each month at 12:15pm (see Events page on website), or contact us through our website.




Strengthening community connections to make human services more accessible in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Feel free to post this announcement at your organization. This flyer is available in English and Spanish.

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