The Work Group for A Supportive Community For All met on October 14th and identified the first set of “prototype” strategies to increase access to human services. The initial draft ideas are listed below. Work Group members will spend the next month gathering input from community members.

These ideas include increasing access by:

  1. Building awareness about needs and services among valley residents by actively building knowledge and awareness among community members/voters
  2. Hosting quarterly Resource Fairs specifically to connect clients and community organizations/services/associations
  3. Holding a regular, potentially quarterly, community event comparable to the recent “Love Your City” day to tie service/volunteer opportunities with actual services
  4. Developing a website that is created for the public, but with more robust features for Human Services organizations to edit and refer clients. This website could also keep track of data such as number of times used, most requested services, and response times.

If you have input or feedback about the first round of ideas, please feel free to provide input at



Strengthening community connections to make human services more accessible in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Feel free to post this announcement at your organization. This flyer is available in English and Spanish.

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