Sno-Valley Data

Community Needs Assessment

A Supportive Community For All hired BERK Consulting to conduct a Community Needs Assessment in 2019. The purpose of the Community Needs Assessment was to provide foundational information on the unique needs of valley residents to inform efforts to effectively coordinate the delivery of human services.

The top local needs identified through the assessment included:

  • Supports for older adults, veterans, and youth
  • Mental health support¬†
  • Stronger community connections to increase social cohesion and understanding¬†
  • Regionally: Transportation and housing

Some of the barriers included:

  • Lack of awareness around what services are available
  • The complexity of navigating available services
  • An ethos of self-reliance that deters people from seeking help
  • A lack of anonymity in accessing services because of the small-town nature of the Sno-Valley
  • Locations of services


  • Needs Assessment Report - Captures demographics, needs, and barriers to accessing services in the Snoqualmie Valley (2019).
  • Powerpoint Presentation - Outlines key findings of Needs Assessment. Presented at Key Leaders Summit, August 12, 2019.
  • Asset Inventory - Lists service organizations & resources available to Snoqualmie Valley residents (updated 2019).
  • Asset Inventory Map - Maps organizations & resources available to Snoqualmie Valley residents (updated 2019).
  • Communities Count - Communities Count is a public-private partnership that provides data to support equity work and monitor the health and well-being of King County communities.