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Snoqualmie Valley Microbusiness Incubator Feasibility Study 

Advisory Committee Position Description 

A Supportive Community For All (SCFA) is a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to create a more equitable Snoqualmie Valley by engaging, connecting, and supporting people and organizations to collaboratively build a community where all members can thrive.

Drawing on the collective impact and community power building models, we provide backbone support for people and organizations working together to build a Snoqualmie Valley where all people can thrive. We center communities most impacted by inequities in the co-creation and implementation of strategies intended to address inequities in health, housing, financial opportunity, and community connection. We practice equity leaderships skills in all areas of our work, acknowledging that the journey to a more equitable community is one that creates space to learn, make mistakes, repair, heal, and grow together.

As an organization, our role is to build community power to support our partners in fulfilling their vision for transformative change. We recognize that this work is a starting point, not an answer, and that equity-focused work is continuous; it requires many voices and a deep, ongoing commitment to dismantling root causes of inequities in the Sno-Valley and elsewhere. 


EQUITY: We embody an inclusive, fair, and open process in all of our work.

CONNECTION: We build strong and resilient relationships in our community.

COLLABORATION: We are stronger and more effective when we work together.

INNOVATION: We learn and co-create new solutions with the community.


A Supportive Community For All (SCFA) has been hired by the City of Carnation to facilitate completion of a study to explore the feasibility of creating a microbusiness incubation center in the Snoqualmie Valley. Why? The Snoqualmie Valley is home to a significant creative community that finds inspiration in the Valley’s 

farming and natural environment. However, if this community is not supported and incorporated into the economic fabric, it will go elsewhere or decline. This project is funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce, with oversight by the Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB). A Supportive Community For All is partnering with Cloudbreak Collective to complete the feasibility study.  

We are seeking community members to serve on an advisory committee that will provide oversight, feedback, and serve as connectors and champions in the community in service of the microbusiness incubator feasibility study.  


  • Participate in a facilitated process that enables you to provide guidance, support outreach and information gathering, and offer feedback on recommendations developed by A Supportive Community For All’s team completing the feasibility study. 
  • Attend and participate in a maximum of 4 meetings between June and September 2024. 
  • Review agenda and supporting materials prior to gatherings and show up engaged and ready to contribute. 
  • Get to know other Advisory Committee members and build strong working relationships. 
  • Engage in other tasks or activities as requested. 


A Supportive Community For All seeks to develop an advisory committee that consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and skillsets. We center those most impacted by inequities in the work that we do, specifically people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and low-income community members; therefore, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who identify as members of other marginalized groups. 

Advisory Committee Members will share A Supportive Community For All’s vision for an equitable Snoqualmie Valley, as well as a commitment to building an inclusive culture, valuing and respecting differences of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ability, socio-economic status, and other aspects of individual and social identity.  

Ideal candidates will have the ability to: 

  • Commit to the values of A Supportive Community For All – Equity, Connection, Collaboration, and Innovation 
  • Commit to understanding and meeting the needs of all people in the Snoqualmie Valley, while centering the needs of those most impacted by inequitable systems 
  • Be open to continued personal and professional reflection and growth 
  • Live and/or work in the Snoqualmie Valley  


Advisory Committee Members will serve from June 2024 to September 2025. Advisory Committee Members should plan to meet a maximum of four times during this time period. Meeting times and locations will be determined based upon the availability of those selected to serve.  

Community members who commit to serving on the Advisory Committee will be offered a $100 gift card as an honorarium for each meeting they attend.  Food will be provided at any meetings held in person.  


Community members interested in serving as Advisory Committee Members should send an email to Malia Pownall at to get started.  

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