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Last updated May 21, 2024

Welcome SCFA Network Partners! We are excited to partner with you to make the Snoqualmie Valley Referral and Navigation Program a success. Our shared goal is to connect community members with the resources that meet their needs in ways that are efficient and responsive.

We are happy to assist you with referrals in the following service areas:

  • Food Assistance (food pantries, senior lunch programs, pet food)
  • Financial Assistance (including rent and move-in assistance, gas cards)
  • Transitional Housing & Emergency Shelter
  • Energy & Water Bill Assistance
  • Adult Education and Employment Services
  • Senior Services (fall prevention,  information & referral, resource navigation, support groups, recreational programs)
  • Youth and Family Services (family development, parenting resources, resources coordination, baby and child goods)
  • Tutoring and Test Prep (Discounted pricing)

The following organizations serve as Network Partners, responding to referrals received through the Julota platform: Acres of Diamonds, CarePoint Clinic, Empower Youth Network, Encompass NW, Holy Innocents Food Pantry, Hopelink, Huntington Learning Center, Mamma's Hands, Mt Si Senior Center, Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services, Tolt Congregational UCC, and The YMCA.

As our network of community partners grows, we will update the list of supported referral areas.

Visit our Resource Page to learn about and contact other local resources directly. If you need additional assistance with information & referral, please contact 2-1-1.

Partner Lead Responsibilities

Are you the designated "Lead" for the Snoqualmie Valley Referral & Navigation Program at your organization?

Leads serve as the primary liaison for SCFA at organizations partnering in the Snoqualmie Valley Referral & Navigation Program, playing a key role in driving program success! Your primary responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Serve as an advocate for the Referral and Navigation Program within your organization, increasing awareness and encouraging appropriate utilization of program
  • Notify SCFA when there are changes to staff that will be using the platform
  • Notify SCFA of changes to programs/services offered by your organization
  • Assist with coordination of events and training for your staff
  • Other responsibilities to support the success of the program, as needed

Please contact SCFA at if you have any questions about "Lead" responsibilities or if you are unsure who serves as the Lead is at your organization.


New to Julota? Access the program below. Please note the first link is the live environment and the second is for training only.

Julota Live:

   Julota Training:

Julota Desk Aids

Other Resources for Network Partners

Interpretation Services

Phone interpretation services are available to your organization through LanguageLine Solutions. Any staff member who has been trained to send or respond to referrals in Julota may use the service when it will support their ability to:

  • Gather information needed to send a referral through the Navigation Program.  We understand that not every conversation with a new client will result in a referral, but we hope they do!
  • Respond effectively to referrals received through the Navigation Program.

Review tips from LanguageLine Solutions for how to partner with an interpreter here. Please speak with the lead at your organization to obtain information about how to access interpretation services. If you have additional questions, you may contact Taylor at

Translated Documents

Release of Information (Client)

This form is required for community members to be connected to services through the Snoqualmie Valley Referral and Navigation Program.

Release of Information (Family or authorized representative)

This is an optional form. Complete this form with community members if they would like for SCFA and Network Partners to be able to release information to a family member, friend, or other authorized representative


Privacy Policy

It is required that we share our Referral and Navigation Program Privacy Policy with all community members referred through the Snoqualmie Valley Referral & Navigation Program. See below:

Please let the Navigation Program Coordinator know if the people you serve would benefit from having any of these documents translated into a language not represented here. You can contact Taylor at

Provider Newsletter

For a short time, we offered a Provider Newsletter (check them out below). We realized that much of this information would be beneficial to the broader community as well, so we added this content into our community newsletter. You can access the community newsletter online anytime here.  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't already!