What is a Nonprofit Center?

As you know, amazing things can happen when people come together to share ideas and work to make a vision real. Nonprofit organizations in many communities across the US are collaborating and co-locating together in nonprofit centers to share resources, space, and back-office services. SCFA is excited to share that we are exploring what it takes to establish not just one, but two, nonprofit centers in the Sno-Valley (one in the upper valley and one in the lower valley), where multiple organizations could be co-located in one place. 

What is a Nonprofit Center?

A nonprofit center is a place where multiple nonprofit organizations locate their office or service spaces. By operating in one location, organizations can share resources and information with one another to make it more efficient for community members to gain access to multiple services at one time. Think of it as a “one-stop-shop” for a variety of needs. 

Nonprofit centers are also shared spaces that serve the common good, similar to libraries or museums. Rather than building a large space that can incur high costs for individual organizations, nonprofit centers can offer cost-efficient solutions, like shared community rooms and office space. Organizations within the nonprofit center can also access shared services, such as joint fundraising and shared staffing. 

Are There Any Nonprofit Centers in Washington? 

Nonprofit centers in Washington State are growing! Here are a few that you may be familiar with:

The Together Center in Redmond is expanding its space, scheduled to be completed in 2023. Their new space will allow community members to access affordable housing and other human services such as child care and disability services. Hopelink, one of SCFA’s founding partners, also helped launch the Together Center in 1990. 

The Reach Center in Tacoma is a nonprofit center geared toward providing various services for youth between the ages of 16-24, including education and career advancement, counseling, housing, and advocacy. 

The Together Center in Redmond, WA scheduled to be completed in 2023.

The 2100 Building in Seattle is home to 10 nonprofit organizations including the FareStare Cafe, The Mockingbird Society, Rainier Scholars, and Youth in Focus. The space offers multiple programs for youth to access as well community room rental. 

The Community Building in Spokane engages with over 40 nonprofits and small businesses. The space includes a food co-op, childcare center, a gallery that hosts Native American artists, and an independent theater space. Community members can also reserve gathering areas and coworking spaces. 

How to get involved

SCFA is conducting a feasibility study to determine what it will take to establish our very own nonprofit centers here in the Snoqualmie Valley. We’ve partnered with Nonprofit Centers Network to make sure we get all of our questions answered. 

If you’re an organization interested in being a part of the conversation, please contact us at jody@nullasupportivecommunityforall.org.

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