Our Work

A Supportive Community For All (SCFA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to create a more equitable Snoqualmie Valley by engaging, connecting, and supporting people and organizations to collaboratively build a community where all members can thrive. Choose a topic below to learn more about our history and work.

Collaborative Roots

Shaped by the collaborative efforts of several local organizations in 2018-19, SCFA started with a big idea: That everyone in the Snoqualmie Valley deserves access to Human Services, without barriers. The Sno-Valley is geographically large, spanning over 40 miles from North Bend’s outskirts to unincorporated King County, just outside of Duvall. Residents live in mixed suburban and rural areas and often have limited access to support for transportation, housing, mental health, and beyond. Removing barriers meant that service providers would genuinely need to work together differently to make a change, shifting paradigms, breaking down silos, and moving forward together — not against each other.

What We Do

SCFA serves as a backbone for a group of organizations dedicated to transformative change and improving equitable outcomes in the Sno-Valley. While not a direct service provider, SCFA administers a collaborative Referral & Navigation program that connects community members to service providers, and service providers to each other. SCFA is a connector, supporter, and catalyst, strengthening the local safety net so that more community members are aware of — and connected to — the services they need.

As an organization, our role is to build community power [1] to support our partners in fulfilling their vision for transformative change. We recognize that this work is a starting point, not an answer, and that equity-focused work is continuous; it requires many voices and a deep, ongoing commitment to dismantling the root causes of inequities in the Sno-Valley and elsewhere.

Understanding the Needs and Barriers

In 2019, Berk Consulting conducted a Community Needs Assessment that provided the initial working group with a better understanding of the demographics and needs of Snoqualmie Valley residents.

The top local needs identified through this process included support for older adults, veterans, youth, and mental health, as well as a need for stronger community connections to increase social cohesion and understanding.

The top regional needs identified included transportation and housing.

The consultants also identified numerous barriers that make it harder for people in our community to get the help they need when they need it. Some of these barriers include: the complexity of navigating available services; lack of awareness of available services; an ethos of self-reliance that deters people from seeking help; and others. Learn about other barriers and read the full Community Needs Assessment here.

Following the completion and review of the needs assessment, the working group designed and launched interventions to strengthen community connections and address the identified barriers (see "Areas of Intervention, below).

In 2020, the coalition hired two full-time staff members to implement key components of the coalition's work. They also formed a Governance Board comprised of community members and representatives from organizational partners to provide leadership and strategic oversight. Learn more about our staff and board here.

Areas of Intervention

Key components of SCFA's work include (1) improving web access to local community resources, (2) launching a referral and navigation program, and (3) completing a feasibility study to determine whether to establish a nonprofit center in the community.

Our Partners

Our partners, collectively called the Snoqualmie Valley Human Services Coalition, are a growing collective of 13 human service providers that offer care coordination and centralized access to human services in the Snoqualmie Valley. Together, the coalition works to address the systemic inequities that prevent Valley residents from accessing the services they need.

Our network partners include: Acres of Diamonds, Empower Youth Network, Holy Innocents Food Pantry, Helping Hands, Hopelink, Huntington Learning Center, Mamma's Hands, Mt. Si Senior Center, Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services, Sno-Valley Senior Center, and Tolt Congregational UCC Community Connections Program.

Existing partners may access the Partner Portal and Partner Resources here.

Review the Snoqualmie Valley Referral and Navigation Program Privacy Policy here.

Looking Ahead

Over time, this collaborative work will transform how human service organizations in the Snoqualmie Valley work together, growing to become a tight-knit network with the knowledge, skills, and capacity to connect community members to the resources they need. We are proud to help make the Snoqualmie Valley a truly supportive community for all.

Interested in getting involved? Let us know!