Our Work

We are a growing coalition of service providers in the Snoqualmie Valley working together to connect community members to the resources they need, when they need them. We believe in a world in which everyone has access to the supports they need to thrive.

Collaborative roots

A Supportive Community For All (SCFA) is a collaborative project that strengthens community connections to make human services more accessible in the Snoqualmie Valley. This project is led by representatives from Hopelink, Encompass, Mt Si Senior Center, Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, and the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.

In 2018-2019, these lead organizations convened a diverse group of community members to serve on a working group that used an adaptive leadership model to guide process for collaboration and goal setting.

Barriers to Accessibility

This group hired Berk Consulting to complete a Community Needs Assessment to better understand the demographics and needs of Snoqualmie Valley residents. The consultants identified numerous barriers that make it harder for people in our community to get the help they need when they need it. Some of these barriers include:

  • Complexity of navigating available services
  • Lack of awareness around what services are available
  • An ethos of self-reliance in the Valley that deters people from seeking help when needed
  • A lack of anonymity in accessing services because of small-town nature of the Valley
  • Location of services

Following completion and review of this needs assessment, the collective decision was made to design and launch multiple interventions to address these barriers, ultimately weaving a tighter safety net for all of our community members. This program will continue to be funded by King County Communities of Opportunity through December 2021.

Areas of Intervention

Key components of SCFA’s work looking ahead will be to (1) improve web access to local community resources, (2) launch a referral and navigation program, and (3) complete a feasibility study to determine whether to establish multi-service centers in the community.

Improved Web Access

We are piloting a resource page on our website that contains up-to-date listings of service providers in the Snoqualmie Valley, so that community members and service providers alike have a trusted source to turn to when the need to find local support.

We will also be building a social media presence to raise awareness and encourage utilization of services and programs offered by our partner organizations.

Referral and Navigation Program

Our referral and navigation program will enable our local partner organizations to electronically send and receive referrals among each other efficiently, confidentially, and with confidence. Training will be provided for front-line staff at partner organizations in mental health first aid and trauma informed care to ensure that they have the skills they need to provide a strong foundation of support.

As we build capacity, we intend to offer navigation services as a benefit to service providers who need additional support identifying appropriate local resources to meet the needs of the people they serve. In these instances, SCFA staff will be able to follow up with community members directly to better understand their needs and connect them to the appropriate resources.

Multiservice Center Feasibility Study

We will be conducting a feasibility study to assess whether and how to establish a centrally located multi-service center in which nonprofit service providers could be co-located under one roof.